Swimming Pool Safety

Remember the ABC’s of Pool Safety:


Swimming Pool Safety

In the time that it takes to answer a simple telephone call, a child can drown. Swimming pool and spa drownings and submersion’s can happen quickly. It is important not only for parents, but for everyone to be alert to the many hazards of drown entrapment’s, drownings and non-fatal submersion injuries – and especially how to prevent them from happening. Learning and remembering the ABC’s of Swimming pool safety can save a life. Do you know your ABC’s?

Adult Supervision

  • Always have an adult watching children who are either in or around the pool or spa. This should be done even if there are other adults around, make sure someone has been directed to watch the children.
  •  Maintain eye to eye contact with children in the pool or around the pool
  •  Remove children from the pool if you are distracted by a phone call or visitor
  •  Give the supervising adult a whistle to distinguish who is the supervising adult
  •  Flotation devices such as arm floaters are not life jackets and should never be used as such
  •  Maintain the grounds around the pool and ensure there are no obstacles blocking the view of the pool
  •  Ensure the supervising adult knows the emergency phone number and the location of where they are if they need to call emergency services to the scene


  • Ensure your pool is fully fenced and is isolated away from play areas, front and side yards and your neighbor’s yard
  •  Make sure all gates are self closing and self latching
  •  Use multiple layers of barriers that isolate your pool from children; approved pool cover, an approved pool alarm, alarms on doors that provide access to the pool.
  •  All chairs or other objects that would allow a child to climb over a fence should be removed



  • Learn how to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  •  Watch CPR awareness videos on the Internet
  • Enroll children into swimming classes

Red Cross

AV Fire News urges you to enroll in a First-Aid/CPR/AED Class Today.
Visit the American Red Cross web site for details.

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